Surprisingly affordable

PH700A Trail Camera

The PH700A trail camera with advanced HD 1520P 30fps videos and clear audio can bring you more vivid and smooth viewing experience.

Equipped with 27 940nm IR LEDs, No-Glow technology makes the night vision trail camera safer at night and greatly reduces the risk of trail camera theft.

Excellent value for money

H881 Trail Camera

The trail camera will be in a low power mode when no animal or human body is detected. This can be on alert for a long time. As soon as the animal (the human body) is in the detection area, its camera function immediately starts taking pictures or videos.

It uses heat-sensitive technology and human detection is via infrared lighting. 8 megapixel CMOS sensor, can use infrared photography to get black and white images and videos in the dark.

Delightfully capable

H953 Trail Camera

H953 trail camera can take ultra-high definition 32MP photos and 4K videos. With an ultra-clear sound recording and a 2.4-inch LCD screen, each moment captured by the H953 trail camera can be presented more vividly and clearly.

The trigger distance of the H953 trail camera is up to 35m. Once the distant animal has passed, the wildlife camera's PIR sensor can detect it immediately and take photos or video in 0.1s.

Ultimate night vision

H8201 Trail Camerala High Definition Camera of 8 megapixels works during the day and the High Sensitivity Sensitivity Starlight Vision is activated at night. Coolife H8201Caméra Hunting outlines the traditional unique camera and achieves superb night vision with low noise and high definition.

It equipped with newly upgraded auto-dimming IR technology. When using at night, it's image sensor adjusts the brightness of the infrared light according to the brightness of the captured image.

WIFI Trail Camera

H881 WIFI Trail Camera

The H881 WIFI trail camera has built-in WiFi function and sophisticated Bluetooth function, which supports APP remote control of the camera. Through your mobile phone, you can easily view beautiful photos and videos in real time.

It uses high quality IP67 materials. Dust-proof, drop-proof and rain-proof design, suitable for harsh environments in nature, is the ideal choice for hunting, wildlife monitoring, farm and home security monitoring

New Arrival

H881 PLUS Trail Camera

Our H881 PLUS wildlife camera offers outstanding pixel performance with a resolution of up to 48MP combined with breathtaking 4K video quality. Every detail comes to life, allowing you to capture and preserve every exciting moment with remarkable clarity and realism.

With an impressive 125° wide angle lens, our wildlife camera offers a wide viewing angle that allows you to capture expansive scenes. Whether in the forest or on open plains, you can easily capture more captivating moments without missing important details